By: Captain L. O. Talwar I.N.L
Genera1 Secretary Azad Hind Fauz Association Delhi

NETAJI is a great and illustrious son of India whose memory has an abiding place in the mind of every Indian. It was NETAJI and his Indian National Army who paved the way to India’s freedom and struck the last nail in the coffin of British Imperialism

The more we look to that great son of BAHRAT for guidance the more pure, patriotic and energetic we shall grow in the service of the motherland.

The Goddess of Independence needs blood at its alter. therefore Netaji said “GIVE ME BLOOD I WILL GET YOU FREEDOM” Jallianwala martyrs were the first to give their contribution. Blood donations made by Revolutionaries like Bhagat Singh, B.K. Dutt, Udham Singh and many others will also remain immortal in the annals of India’s freedom struggle. NETAJI’S Indian National Army gave the puran ahuti.

Those who say that India got Independence without shedding a drop of blood really lessen the importance of those groups the Jallianwala Bagh innocent victims, the Revolutionaries and the heroes of the I. N. A.

It is high time that nation should be kept alive to the memory of all those souls and their sacrifices>

Let us this day remember NETAJI, his work and his dedicated service to the Country which must serve as a beacon light for generations to come


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